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TA Psychology (Basic Course)

A life changing 20-Day WhatsApp Programme


Two batches in each month.

Provides all training materials.

Everyday Live Discussion Sessions.

10+ batches and 300+ participants.


Proper communication is the hallmark of our good personality. Many of the problems among us are due to unscientific communication. Transactional analysis helps us identify the imperfections in our communication and facilitate mature communication. It changes our lives. Teachers, parents, social workers, leaders and the people from all walks of life can have better communication skills through this training programme.


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" I'm very lucky to to attend CEED's online TA Psychology class. I started attending class without much expectation to spend my lockdown days. I had to change my approach in the first few days of joining the class. TA Psychology is to be learnt by every person. CEED teachers' skills in handling the class should be highlighted .Thanks for all 20 days of good experiences and best wishes."

Adv. Shamsuddeen

" TA Psychology has given me an unforgettable experience in my life. After completing the basic course, I joined the advanced course without any hesitation. This course helped me to bring a lot of new changes in life. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all the trainers."

Ismaeel Walad
General merchant

" TA Psychology classes have been very helpful to me. We can understand ours and other's state of mind. Through which we can make our behaviours appropriate. This class is designed in simple and lucid manner and easy to understand."

Acu & Hijama Healer


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